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There are Furuno Software Development Kit for Windows and Linux for each of the products listed below, made specifically for those wishing to utilize Furuno’s exceptional sensing technologies in unique and ground-breaking ways. Furuno technology is built upon decades of experience and unparalleled quality. With Furuno’s SDK, you are 100% in control of the industry’s highest performing, most reliable sensors. Where you take our award-winning technology is up to you.

 Sensors  Power / Frequency


1 kW, 50/200 kHz


3 kW, Selectable 28-200 kHz


1 kW, 50/200 kHz


1 kW, Chirp 30-70 kHz/175-225 kHz


Fish Finder - Basic Functionalities:

Transmit and stop transmitting Fish Finder
Receive raw sounder echo data
Range setting
Adjust pulse width
Frequency adjustment
Interference suppression
Clutter suppression, Gain (Auto or Manual)
TVG setting
Fish alarm
White line
Zoom setting
Heave adjustment
Split range