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Furuno’s Software Development Kit (SDK) gives OEM developers 100% control, with the ability to integrate Furuno’s award-winning Radar and Acoustic sensors into your own custom applications. Choose from a wide variety of Radar and Acoustic sensors. Furuno sensors are perfect for a wide array of applications, including coastal monitoring, land/sea security, government land/sea applications, unmanned vessels, fish farm monitoring, oil rig docking, bird migration and more. You dream up the application and we’ll supply the sensors.

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DRS Ethernet Radars

Furuno provides a variety of traditional magnetron and Solid-State Ethernet DRS Radars to incorporate into your custom solution. We offer compact radomes, including a 19" magnetron dome with 4kW of power and a 24" Solid-State dome that incorporates Doppler technology. For larger applications, we offer a variety of high-power open array Radars, ranging from 6kW-25kW, with target detection up to 96 n.m. Antenna options for these Radars include 3.5', 4' or 6' arrays, as well as a Solid-State option.

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Commercial Radars

Choose from 12kW, 25kW, 50kW X-Band, 30kW or 60kW conventional S-Band, or 250W Solid-State S-Band Radars. Furuno Radars deliver crisp, clear Radar images via Ethernet. AIS can also be easily incorporated. Additional features include Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE), ARPA, Fast Target Tracking™ and Target Analyzer™. These commercial grade Radars are constructed to strict IMO Standards, making them ideal for 24/7/365 operation.

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Network Sounders

Choose from 1-3 kW output power at fixed frequencies, or transmit over a range of frequencies utilizing a TruEcho CHIRP network sounder. Furuno network sounders deliver significant advancements in signal clarity and target definition. Select models utilize unique features, such as bottom discrimination and TruEcho CHIRP. Frequencies range from 25kHz-85kHz and 130kHz-210kHz, depending on the model.

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