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4.5 Inch Monochrome LCD Display, Satellite Compass with Three GPS Antenna Receivers (0.8 degree Heading Accuracy) (If used with NavNet TZtouch, IF-NMEA2K2 is required)

Display Size4.5 inches

Display TypeMono LCD

Power Usage12 VDC or 24 VDC

Receiver Type26 inch Dome

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Advanced & reliable Furuno technology

We are excited to introduce our second generation Satellite Compass, the SC50, which utilizes Furuno’s advanced GPS Kinematic technology. Satellite Compass performance is not affected by ship’s speed, latitude, geomagnetism, etc. This hybrid integration of GPS receiver technology and a 3-axis solid-state rate sensor provide accurate and steady heading information, even when bridges or tall buildings block satellite signals. Unlike conventional magnetic and gyro compasses, accuracy is not affected by G-force or velocity. Furthermore, when compared to other GPS based compass systems incorporating only two antennas, our addition of a third GPS antenna provides enhanced accuracy while reducing the negative effects of pitch, roll, and yaw.

Note: If used with NavNet TZtouch, IF-NMEA2K2 is required to convert from NMEA0183 to NMEA2000

High-speed data for your bridge

The SC50 offers highly accurate GPS WAAS Data for SOG, COG, ROT, and L/L. Multiple, programmable high-speed heading data outputs allow you to send this information where you need it, and our unique Analog Pitch and Roll Output can be used to enhance your Furuno Sonar System.

This Satellite Compass is ideal as an alternative to a traditionally expensive and high-maintenance gyrocompass for non-compulsory vessels, as well as being the perfect back up solution to a gyro for a compulsory vessel. The SC50 offers a wide range of applications for providing fast, stable, precision heading information to numerous devices, including: Radar/ARPA, Satellite Communications & TV systems, Autopilots (based upon I/F type), AIS, ECDIS, Scanning Sonar, Chart Plotters, etc.

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Product Consists Of

Product Consists Of


25.6 Inch Low Profile Dome Antenna Unit with Three GPS Receivers

Processor Unit
4.5 Inch Monochrome LCD Display with Standard Accessories



Three separate cables are required when ordering the optional 30 meter or 50 meter antenna cable. If ordering extended cables, you may request that that standard 15M cable be withheld from your order and the appropriate credit will be applied.
Data Cable Assembly, 7-Pin to 7 Pin-Crossover, 10 Meters
ANT CBL ASSY 50M SC50 SC110* - Go to 001-595-950-00

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Miscellaneous Accessories

Miscellaneous Accessories




Interface Converter NMEA2000-NMEA0183



Operator's Manual, SC50

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