MSRP: $1,150.00

Red LED Remote Display without Bracket

Display TypeLED Readout

Power Usage12-24 VDC

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Compact LED Display

The RD20 is a remote display unit capable of displaying a variety of data from onboard sensors. The RD20 shows data in alphanumerics on its red LED panel. Up to 10 displays can be connected with a daisy chain cable, and the display brilliance of all units connected can be centrally controlled from 1 dimmer controller.

RD20 data that can be displayed

Ship Speed kn, km/h, m/s
Heading (HDG) deg
Course (COG) deg
Actual/Ordered Rudder Angle deg
Depth m, ft, fm
Total Distance NM, km

Additional data that can be displayed

Trip Distance NM, km
Water Temperature C, F
Rate of Turn (ROT) deg/min
Wind Direction/Speed deg, kn, km/h, m/s, mph
Engine Revolutions rpm
Propeller Pitch %
Shaft Revolutions rpm
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RD20 and RD50 Brochure

For more information, including dimensions and product specifications, download the brochure.