MSRP: $9,800.00

4kW Portrait Orientation River Radar for inland navigation, less Antenna and Cable 

Antenna Size6.5 ft or 8 ft

Antenna TypeOpen Array


Display SizeSupplied Separately

Display TypeSupplied Separately

Beam Width1.2 degrees or 0.95 degrees

Power Usage24 VDC

Power Output4 kW

Range96 nm

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Powerful and simple River Radar for inland navigation

The FR19x8VBB is a reliable River Radar that offers Furuno's top quality performance and ease of operation. For the first time, a Furuno radar can be operated with only a mouse! Thanks to its compact components, this portrait-oriented River Radar is simple to install. The available slim LED TFT screen produces a clear and contrast-strong image both day and night, and can be dimmed down to almost zero if necessary. Thanks to the unique optional PC mouse operation, the FR19x8VBB River Radar is incredibly easy to use.

Designed for inland waterways

The Portrait orientation of this River Radar allows you to see more detail ahead and behind the vessel, where it counts. Operation of the Radar is simplified, and all settings are menu-driven and easy to update. Working with the FR19x8VBB is a whole new experience thanks to the unique operation with just a mouse or touchpad. A compact processor and control unit enables a simple installation, and the logical controller and optional mouse connection allows for comfortable and intuitive operation. Dual Radar combination is possible, allowing for the display of two River Radar systems on one screen, and  up to four Antennas and Processors can be networked together for a complete view of the situation around the vessel. The FR19x8VBB processor allows for storage of up to 24 hours of Radar images on SD memory card.

Docking mode is available, and the Radar can display up to 300 AIS targets, 2 EBL’s and 2 VRM’s.


* Approved in the US only (FCC)


  • Product Consists Of
  • Choose an Antenna Array
  • Cables
  • Miscellaneous Accessories

Product Consists Of

Product Consists Of


Choose an Antenna Array

Choose an Antenna Array

Antenna, 4 Foot Open Array
Antenna, 6.5 Foot Open Array



ANT CABLE 15M RW0013 FR1908V
ANT CABLE 20M RW0013 FR1908V
ANT CABLE 30M RW0013 FR1908V

Miscellaneous Accessories

Miscellaneous Accessories



Rectifier, 110/220VAC to 24VDC, 16 Amps
Trackball Control Unit, FMD3100

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FR19x8VBB Brochure

For more information, including dimensions and product specifications, download the brochure.