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30 kW Transmitter, 96 NM Radar System with 21 Inch Color CRT Display and 10 Foot Open Array

Antenna Size10 ft

Antenna TypeOpen Array


Display Size21 inches

Display TypeColor CRT

Beam Width2.3 degrees

Power Usage110 VAC or 220 VAC

Power Output30 kW

Range120 nm

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Product Consists Of

Product Consists Of

21 Inch Color CRT Display, Table-Top Mount
Standard Installation Materials, Including 30 Meter Signal Cable Assembly
Power Supply Unit
Call For Price
24 RPM Gearbox with 30 kW Transceiver, 220VAC

Antenna, 10 Foot Open Array



30 Meter Signal Cable Assembly (Armored)
Signal Cable Connector, Display End
Bulk Signal Cable, RW6895 (Armored), 100 Meter Max. Length (Sold & Priced by Meter)
Signal Cable Video Plug
60 Meter Signal Cable Assembly (Armored)
Power Cable Crimp Lug

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Related Products

Step-Down Transformer, 110/220VAC to 100VAC (For Use with Optional De-Icer)
Step-Down Transformer, 220VAC to 110VAC
Bulk Multi-Purpose Cable, CO-SPEVV-SB-C, 0.2 x 2P, AD10, NMEA Data (Sold & Priced by Meter)
Cable Assembly for RJ-7, 20 Meters
Bulk Multi-Purpose Cable, 250V-TPYC-C.5 (Sold & Priced by Meter)

Antenna, 10 Foot Open Array


Gyro Analog to Digital Converter

Keyboard Extension Kit with 10 Meter Cable
High-Speed Motor Option, 220VAC, 60Hz
Bulk Multi-Purpose Cable, 250V-MPYC-5, use for Gyro/Data (Sold & Priced by Meter)
Bulk Multi-Purpose Cable, 250V-DPYC-1.25, use for AC Power (Sold & Priced by Meter)
GO TO 000-790-003
External Radar Alarm Buzzer, 0P03-21

Display, Internal Interswitch, less Cable Set

Operator's Manual, FR2105(/BB) Series
Display Viewing Hood Assembly
Antenna, 12 Foot Open Array
Bulk Multi-Purpose Cable, 660V-MPYCY-12 (Sold & Priced by Meter)
Step-Down Transformer, 380/440VAC to 110VAC
Display, Internal Interswitch, with Cable Set
Bulk Multi-Purpose Cable, 660V-DPYC-3.5, use for 440VAC Power (Sold & Priced by Meter)

Gyro Analog to Digital Converter, Digital Heading Repeater (External)

Installation Kit for PM30/PM50
PM50 Gearbox Mounting Bracket (IMO Option)
Installation Manual, FR2135S
Cable Assembly for RJ-7, 2 Meters

Performance Monitor, S-Band

Cable Assembly for RJ-7, 10 Meters
Display Dust Cover
Bulk Multi-Purpose Cable, 250V-MPYCY-12, use for Data/Antenna (Sold & Priced by Meter)
Internal ARPA Interface Kit
Display, Deck Mount Pedestal

Navigation Chart Plotter PCB for FR21X5 Series Radar

Memory Card for Chart Plotter


Bulk Multi-Purpose Cable, RW4864, use for Remote Display (Sold & Priced by Meter)