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Black Box Marine VHF Radiotelephone with Class D DSC, AIS Receiver, and Simplified Loud Hailer

Data TypeNMEA0183 or NMEA2000

Display SizeBlack Box

Display TypeBlack Box

Power Usage12 VDC

Power Output25 W

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The Ultimate 5-In-1 Tool of VHF Radios

The FM4850 is a new marine Black Box VHF radiotelephone with built-in Class D DSC, AIS Receiver, and Simplified Loud Hailer with intercom. Its compact housing enables it to be installed in a variety of craft, even vessels where space is limited, such as center-console boats.The FM4850 handset shares a common appearance with other Furuno equipment, such as NavNet TZtouch2, NavPilot 711C, and the FI70 Instrument series, offering an integrated appearance to any helm. Its built-in AIS Receiver can be used to overlay AIS targets with networked GPS Plotters or MFD's, such as NavNet TZtouch, NavNet TZtouch2, or GP1871F/GP1971F combo units.

Built-In DSC and AIS 

An external GPS antenna can be connected to the FM4850, and it can share its own GPS, DSC and AIS information via NMEA0183 or NMEA2000. When connected via NMEA2000 to any NavNet TZtouch2 MFD, DSC calling can be initiated directly from the TZtouch2 MFD by simply tapping on the AIS/DSC target and selecting [DSC Call]. Additionally, when MOB (Man Overboard) is activated on a TZtouch2 MFD, the FM4850 enters a special mode where you can initiate a distress call by simply pushing the rotary knob on the handset.

Loud Hailer, Intercom, and Listen Back Features

The unit can operate as a simplified Loud Hailer with intercom, featuring 8 patterns of alert sounds. Loud Hailer, Fog Horn and Warning Signal features are all available, enhancing onboard safety and communications while navigating in the dark or fog. When connected with the second-station handset, intercom communications are available, allowing communications between the two devices. Additionally, the horn speaker can be used to collect external sounds and transmit them through the built-in speaker with a function called Listen Back. In this way, a person on the deck can easily communicate with the bridge, a particularly useful feature for a variety of fishing vessels and workboats. The Listen Back function can also be an effective tool on sport fishing vessels, allowing the horn speaker to collect the sound from fishing rods and lines when you get a strike.

FM4850 First Look

Get a First Look at the multi-function FM4850 Black Box VHF Radio with built-in AIS/DSC and more.

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HS-4800 5M EXT CBL FM4800
HS-4800 10M EXT CBL FM4800
NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 1 Meter, Male-Female connectors (straight)
NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 2 Meter, Male-Female Connector
NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 6 Meter, Male-Female Connector
NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 1 Meter, Female connector (straight) + Pigtail - When 0 Stock, go to 001-507-010-00
NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 1 Meter, Female Connector + Pigtail
NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 2 Meter, Female Connector + Pigtail

Miscellaneous Accessories

Miscellaneous Accessories

GPS Antenna with 10 Meter Cable
HS-4800A HANDSET FM4800 - goto 001-593-530-00
NMEA2000 Micro Inline Terminator, Female
Go to 001-593-520-00 - SP-4800 SPEAKER FM4800

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FM4850 Brochure

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