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4.1" Color LCD Instrument Display

Display TypeColor LCD

Power Usage15 VDC CAN bus

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The FI70 is a brand new instrument display featuring a vibrant 4.1" Color LCD screen. The screen is bonded for fog-free performance and is perfectly visible even in bright daylight. a variety of external sensors can be connected via the CAN bus network for simple and reliable operation.

Amazing user interface and customization

With the FI70, almost anything can be customized. Conveniently choose the way you want information to be displayed, in a way that is most relevant to you.

Detailed Satellite Compass Information

The FI70 can be used to set detailed parameters for the SCX20 and SC33 Satellite Compass. You can assign essential parameters such as ship's width, length and height as well as the exact antenna position to allow the Satellite Compass to operate at peak efficiency. The display can also be used as an effective Satellite Compass Indicator, capable of displaying 3-Axis Speed (forward-aft, transverse port-starboard at the bow, and transverse port-starboard astern). This information can be displayed in either graphical or digital numeric format, and is useful in evaluating detailed motion at berth or to see how the vessel has drifted.

Heave, representing the upward and downward motion of the vessel, can also be displayed. This display offers an up or down arrow indicating direction of heave, along with a numeric value to indicate distance.

The FI70 can even be used to to display the status of GPS satellites that the SCX20 and SC33 rely on to operate. 

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NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 1 Meter, Male-Female connectors (straight)
NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 2 Meter, Male-Female Connector
NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 6 Meter, Male-Female Connector
NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 1 Meter, Female connector (straight) + Pigtail - When 0 Stock, go to 001-507-010-00
NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 1 Meter, Female Connector + Pigtail
NMEA2000 Micro Cable, 2 Meter, Female Connector + Pigtail

Miscellaneous Accessories

Miscellaneous Accessories


Analog - NMEA2000 Converter


Wind Transducer - Analog


Wind Transducer w/30m Cable - Analog


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FI70 Brochure

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