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Analog - NMEA2000 Converter

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Using an FI70, TZtouch2/3/or XL MFD, the IF-NMEAFI can be configured to convert one of the following types of analog data to NMEA2000:

  • FI5001/L Wind Sensor
  • Tank gauge
  • Water Temperature
  • Water Speed

Only one sensor can be connected to an IF-NMEAFI at a time. The IF-NMEAFI outputs specific PGNs for the connected analog device.

The IF-NMEAFI can be configured for one of the analog devices by using a Furuno FI70 Data Repeater, TZtouch2, TZtouch3, TZTXL MFDs, or Suzuki SMD7/9/12/16 MFDs

The IF-NMEAFI comes defaulted for use with a tank gauge. If using the IF-NMEAFI as a tank gauge, one of the devices listed above is required to set the parameters.