MSRP: $1,800.00

Plastic, Transom Mount CHIRP Transducer w/Temp, 12-Pin Connector, Low Freq: 42-65 kHz, High Freq: 150-250 kHz

Beam Angle25 x 16 Degrees and 25 Degrees

FrequencyCHIRP 42-65 kHz and 150-250 kHz

Housing TypePlastic

Install TypeTransom Mount

Power Rating1 kW

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Home Products TM275LHW-12P

Transducer Features

The 275LHW series transducers are truly broadband at its best. Paired with Furuno’s NavNet TZtouch3, the transom mounted TM275LHW-12P provides a high frequency range of 150-250Khz and a constant 25° beamwidth. The “W” stands for wide and that’s what the TM275LHW-12P really delivers. Unlike traditional high frequency (200kHz) transducers that provide narrow performance, this unique, new wide beam/high frequency design achieves over six times the coverage under the boat compared to standard high-frequency CHIRP Transducers.

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12-Pin Transducer Extension Cable, 10 Meter