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Remote Control Unit for NavNet TZtouch & TZtouch2

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Remote Control Offers Flexibility Of Controlling MFD's From Remote Position

The MCU002 Remote Controller is compatible for use with the entire NavNet TZtouch & TZtouch2 series. This controller really benefits installations where the displays are recessed and/or mounted a bit out of conventional reach. The design of the controller is extremely compact and light, allowing it to be installed anywhere, even as an "Armchair Controller", if desired.

This remote control gives you access to all NavNet TZtouch features and controls, including Chart Plotting functions, like panning, zooming, and route creation. You also can control the Radar, Fish Finder, NavPilot autopilot (when interfaced), RotoKey menu functionality, and even custom page displays. The MCU002 does not replace touch control (unless you want it to), it simply enhances it! So when you mount this remote alongside your currently installed TZtouch or TZtouch2 display, it will give you direct, instant access to tactile controls, which can be critical in rough seas.

Interface: USB2.0
Cable Length: 2 m
Power Supply: via USB port
Water Proof: Front: IP56 Rear: IP22
Mounting Flush mount from the front side