MSRP: $5,400.00

Solid-State Doppler Radar with Target Analyzer and Fast Target Tracking

Antenna Size3.5 ft or 4 ft or 6 ft

Antenna TypeOpen Array


Display SizeSupplied Separately

Display TypeSupplied Separately

Beam Width2.3 degrees or 1.9 degrees or 1.4 degrees

Power Usage12-24 VDC

Power Output25 W

Range72 nm

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The NXT step with doppler Radar technology

The Furuno NXT Radar is the next step in Radar evolution; a Solid-State Radar with pulse compression, Target Analyzer™ and Fast Target Tracking™ utilizing Doppler technology. Combined with FURUNO exclusive RezBoost™ technology for beam sharpening, NXT packs the performance of a larger Radar in a more compact package.

Target Analyzer function utilizing Doppler technology

NXT is the first radar in the world to use the new Furuno exclusive Target Analyzer™ function, where targets that are approaching your vessel automatically change color. Green targets are targets that stay stationary, or are moving away from you, while red targets are moving towards your vessel. Target Analyzer™ works independent of vessel speed, both your own vessels and target vessels, with minor limitations. Echoes dynamically change colors as targets approach, or get farther away from your vessel. Target Analyzer™ can increase safety, as well as improve situational awareness.

Fast Target Tracking

Once a target has been selected, a speed and course vector is displayed in seconds. With accurate tracking information, estimation of other vessel's course and speed is greatly simplified. With Doppler technology, any vessel approaching yours will automatically display a target vector, as well as sound an alarm.

RezBoost Beam Sharpening

For the first time Furuno's exclusive RezBoost™ technology is used in one of our Radar units, with impressive performance. With RezBoost™ set to MAX, the sharpness of a 2 degree beam width can be achieved.

  • Product Consists Of
  • Choose an Antenna Array
  • Miscellaneous Accessories
  • Cables

Product Consists Of

Product Consists Of

Gearbox Unit for DRS6A-NXT Radar
10 Meter Cable for DRS6A-NXT

Choose an Antenna Array

Choose an Antenna Array


Antenna, 41 Inch Open Array


Antenna, 4 Foot Open Array


Antenna, 6 Foot Open Array

Miscellaneous Accessories

Miscellaneous Accessories

DC Converter 12V-24V 7 AMPS



5 Meter Cable For DRS4DL(+), DRS4DNXT and DRS6ANXT
10 Meter Cable for DRS6A-NXT
15 Meter Cable for DRS6ANXT
DRS Signal/Power Cable, 15 Meter
DRS Signal/Power Cable, 20 Meter
DRS Signal/Power Cable, 30 Meter

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