MSRP: $6,975.00

12kW, 96 n.m., UHD Digital Radar for TZtouch, TZtouch2 and TZtouch3, with 6' antenna

Antenna Size6 ft

Antenna TypeOpen Array


Beam Width1.35 degrees

Power Usage24 VDC

Power Output12 kW

Range96 nm

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New, innovative tools for fishermen

The FCV38 introduces new, innovative features such as the target location graph, allowing the operator to track fish targets easily. Furuno's exclusive Stabilizer Technology, built into the RX and TX beams independently, allows the FCV38 to stabilize the display against the effects of pitching and rolling, ensuring the echo image and fish size measurement are accurate. When connected to a Satellite Compass™, the effects of ship's heave on displayed echoes can also be eliminated. Net sensor information can be displayed for trawlers when connected to compatible equipment, such as the popular Marport TE-155 and Imaginex TS-337A systems. The FCV38 can also output scientific and calibration data in netCDF4 format, allowing for the contribution and review of detailed fish stock assessment information.

The Furuno features that fishermen love

The FCV38 includes many of the Furuno features fishermen have come to rely on. A hardness and roughness graph allows for the determination of seafloor composition, and the improved ACCU-FISH function displays up to three independent, accurate fish size estimation graphs using calculations from a newly updated algorithm. Past echoes displayed on the screen can be scrolled back, allowing you to review a history of received echoes. Changes made to the gain function are instantly applied to the entire screen, so the operator can dial in the perfect gain setting as conditions change. Recordings can be saved to an external device for later review of the data, and a simple screen grab function is also available for instant capture and preservation of important information.

Powerful features that are easy to use

The FCV38 can be operated by its simple, ergonomic trackball. Range, Shift, Sensitivity, Image Feed, and Display Mode menus can all be accessed quickly and easily. The InstantAccess bar™ provides access to the most commonly used functions immediately, eliminating the need to navigate through cumbersome menus. Separate processor and transceiver units make installation aboard large vessels a breeze. The FCV38 is compliant with RoHS10 standards.

X-Class = a whole new class of Radar!

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible with conventional Radar technology, "X-Class" Radar marks yet another leap forward for FURUNO. Improved in almost all aspects, "X-Class" Radar features improved short range detection, as well as an impressive long range detection of up to 96 nautical miles.

Lower noise and lighter gearbox

The newly redesigned pedestal unit is 20% lighter than previous models, and features an updated motor for significantly lower noise levels. Combined with an updated smart-connector cable, installation and maintenance is simpler than ever before.

Fast Target Tracking

Fast Target Tracking™, a function adopted from our commercial Radar FAR3000, is available on the "X-Class." Target course and speed vectors are displayed instantly with the press of a button. Target vectors increase situational awareness and can increase overall safety on your vessel.

Spot flocks of birds from far away

Bird echoes can be distinctly and automatically separated from nearby vessels. While a vessel in motion shows a straight and clear echo trail, bird echoes are identifiable by their random motion. With Bird Mode activated, bird echoes are distinct and clear, and can easily be distinguished from other targets. With Echo Trails on, it is even possible to discern the movements of individual birds!

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Product Consists Of

Product Consists Of


12kW, 96 n.m., UHD Digital Radar for TZtouch and TZtouch2, less 3.5', 4’ or 6’ antenna


Antenna, 6 Foot Open Array



DRS Signal/Power Cable, 0.5 Meter
DRS12AX/25AX Signal/Power Cable, 10 Meter
DRS12AX/25AX Signal/Power Cable, 15 Meter
DRS12AX/25AX Signal/Power Cable, 20 Meter
DRS12AX/25AX Signal/Power Cable, 30 Meter

Miscellaneous Accessories

Miscellaneous Accessories

DC Converter 12V-24V 7 AMPS