Keypad works but the display is blank



​My Furuno display powers on and the keypad backlighting works but nothing displays on the screen. The keypad beeps when a key is pressed and seems to be operational. Do I need a new display?


​The chances are your display is fine and this is a setup issue. Please try the following steps to ensure proper setup:
1) Check the brilliance/contrast settings on the display, as they may have been accidentally reduced or dimmed for night time viewing . Use the operators manual to select appropriate keys for adjustment.
2) Certain Furuno displays have a watchman mode which wakes at certain intervals, checks the radar sector, then returns to a sleep mode. Make certain that the watchman mode is not selected.
3) Power the unit off, remove antenna and all interface cables (leave power cable connected). Turn the power on and check for a display on the screen. If there is now a displayed picture (menus, digital information, etc.) you may have a cable problem (crushed or cut), check the entire cable length. Otherwise, the antenna may be at fault.