Upgrading a NavNet system to work with a BBWGPS



​If I already own a Navnet system, can I buy your new BBWGPS antenna and use it?


​ Yes, however you might require a software upgrade in order to activate the WAAS mode in your new BBWGPS antenna. To find out what revision software you have you need to perform a display unit test. To find out which version of software you have, follow these steps:
1. Press the [MENU] button
2. Select the [System Configuration] softkey
3. Select the [System Setup] softkey
4. Select the [Test & Clear] softkey
5. Select the [Memory I/O Test] softkey
6. Select the [Display unit test] softkey
At the top of the screen you will see the program number. The last three digits of this number are your software version number. Please see the attached PDF file for software version information. If you need to upgrade your software, please contact your local Authorized Furuno Dealer.
To locate a dealer near you please click on "Where To Buy" on the top navigation bar. This will allow you to search for authorized dealers in your area.