Difference between MFD12 and DCU12



​What is the difference between the NavNet 3D MFD12 and DCU12?


​The MFD12 is a NavNet 3D 12" multi-function display/processor unit, while the NavNet 3D DCU12 is an optional integrated 12" display and keyboard to be utilized with an MFDBB.  Essentially, it is a 12" display and keyboard without its own processor. The DCU12 is a suitable option for those wishing to use the advanced features of the MFDBB with a display-based keyboard.  NavNet 3D MFDBB Systems offer some unique features not available on the MFD8 and MFD12 such as a TimeZero Radar image, faster chart zoom performance, multiple USB 2.0 ports, selectable video resolutions, etc.