Replacing the screen on a GP1650DF


‚ÄčThe  screen on my GP1650DF is damaged. About  1/4 of the screen is black and nothing is displayed.   I would like to know if the screen can be replaced, where  can I send it for replacement and how much it will cost?


We  recommend you send in your unit for evaluation with our repair department.    We cannot give a repair cost without first evaluating the equipment, as symptoms can often mean many different things and a "sight unseen" estimate may not be accurate.    Additionally, please understand that our technicians will always try to give you the most economical pricing on your estimate. 

Please include a detailed note with your unit and be sure to also include your name, return address and daytime phone number where you can be reached.    Our standard turn around time is approximately two weeks - if you require your unit by a certain date, please include that in your letter and we will do our best to work within your time frame if possible.    Our usual procedure is to contact you once our technicians have had a chance to evaluate your unit and have written up the estimate.   
 Send to: 
 Furuno USA, Inc. 
 Attn: Service Department 
 4400 Pacific Rim Blvd. 
 Camas, WA     98607