Installing charts on a NavNet TZtouch


‚Äč I purchased two NavNet TZtouch 14" units and can't find instructions on how to install Jeppesen charts for my area. Also do any other charts need to be installed including satellite photos, 3D, fishing bathymetrics, or are they preloaded?


‚ÄčThere are charts preloaded on the SD card that is installed in the left SD card slot. If you look at the current chart load, the SD card comes with most Jeppesen charts preloaded. If the SD card does not have the chart that you want, you would have to either load it on the SD card, or put it on another SD card and put that card in the right hand slot. The unit will read from either slot and also from the USB port on the back. If you want to load the chart on the current SD card, you will need to remove some charts that are not used, so you have space for the new charts. Remove the SD card, put the SD card in your computer, open the card and delete any charts that you don't need. Example, If you do not boat in Alaska, you can remove those charts. Then transfer the chart that you downloaded from our website to the SD card. You can put it in the appropriate folder, but you don't have to. Now you need to update the chart index. You can do this from your computer at the same time you are putting the chart on the SD card, here is a link to the file that you must download and transfer to the SD card, Or, if the TZT display has an Internet connection, you can go into the menu, catalog, and press the update button at the bottom right side of the screen. This will only update the chart index, not the charts themselves.