Number of NMEA0183 ports in a NavNet 3D MFD



​How many NMEA0183 ports are provided on every NavNet 3D MFD?


​Each NavNet 3D MFD has three full NMEA0183 I/O ports.  One is located in a dedicated MJ7 connector.  This is identical to the NavNet 1/VX2 “DATA1” port and allows direct connection of a Furuno BBWGPS or NMEA0183 Smart Depth sensor.  The other ports are located in a single 18 pin connector.  A 2 meter “Pig-Tail” cable is supplied as standard with each MFD.  Each NMEA0183 I/O port can accept baud rates of 4800 or 38.4Kbps and output strings are independently programmable for each port.