Determining different strengths of Fish Finder echo



​How will my Fish Finder differentiate between echoes of different strengths?


​A color echo sounder will use a different color for any one of up to 16 different signal strengths. This will make your strong returns show up as red and your weaker target returns as green or blue. Monochrome sounders will use different levels of gray to show you the different levels of signal strength. Strong returns such as a hard bottom will show up as a very dark color and items such as debris in the water or concentrations of plankton will appear as a cloudy gray. Some color sounders also have a feature called “white line” which will allow a user to replace any color or strength level with the color white. The color white tends to stand out from the rest of the colors on a sounder display which will aid an operator who is looking for a specific level of echo return, such as bait or individual fish.