Defining phase ranging



​I have a fishfinder and the literature tells me that I can Phase Range with it.  What is Phase Ranging and how does it work?


​Phase Ranging is the ability of a fishfinder display to show only a certain section of the water column or slice of the water on the screen.  Let's say, for example, you would only like to display the section of water from 60'-120' on your fishfinder display and ignore the first 60' from the surface.  To do this, you will use a combination of the [Shift] and [Range] keys on your display.  Set the Range to 60', then press the [Shift +] key until you reach 60'.  Your display is now showing a slice of water between 60' and 120'.
The Shift key will phase the ranges at different intervals depending on your Range settings.  The lower the range setting, the lower the shift intervals will be, an example is demonstrated below:
Range =     Shift =
15'           5'
30'          10'
60'          20'
120'         50'
200'         50'
400'        100'
600'        200'
1500'       500'