Converting 220VAC single phase to 3-phase



​I only have 220VAC single phase power available for my 30kW S-band radar gearbox.  Is there a converter available to change single phase AC power to 3-phase?


​Yes, there are 220VAC single phase to 3-phase converters available. One company you may contact is Phase-A-Matic that manufactures single to 3 phase converters. Contact Phase-A-Matic through their web site at
The specifications of our standard 220 VAC, 3-phase S-Band Drive Motor (Type RM7398, 24RPM) are:
Watts:    400
Horse Power:     .54
Motor Max Start-up Current: 9 Amps  (Rated by Motor Manufacturer)
Actual Max Start-up Current: 3 Amps  (limited to 3 Amps by the Motor Slow Start PCB in the Scanner).