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Furuno Expands Its Award-Winning Solid-State Doppler Radar Technology With Open Array Options

Camas, WA, October 6, 2017 – In 2016, Furuno introduced the DRS4D-NXT, a compact, Solid-State Doppler Radar that delivered a whole new set of features to NavNet TZtouch and NavNet TZtouch2. With its ground-breaking technology, it won the 2016 NMEA Technology Award. Today, Furuno has expanded upon their initial radome offering to combine Solid-State features and infamous Furuno reliability in an open array configuration with the DRS6A-NXT, the newest member of the NXT Radar series!

The NXT series are Solid-State Radars with pulse compression and Doppler frequency shift sensing technology. The “NXT” (read “next”) generation Radars are designed for use with both NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2 MFDs. The DRS6A-NXT is packed with amazing features, but perhaps the most innovative and revolutionary is called “Target Analyzer”, facilitated by Furuno’s Doppler technology. The Doppler “Target Analyzer” will automatically change the color of targets approaching your boat to clearly show any hazards. Green echoes are stationary targets, land, or approaching targets moving at a velocity of less than 3 knots. Echoes dynamically turn red when targets are approaching your vessel at a speed of 3 knots or faster. It works the same when you are following another vessel. If the target is getting closer at a speed of 3 knots or more, the echo will be depicted in red on the screen. Incredibly, “Target Analyzer” works independently of one’s own ship speed!

Tracking and interpreting threats is now easier than ever with the DRS6A-NXT Radar. Using Furuno’s advanced Doppler technology, this new Radar acquires and tracks targets in virtually every sweep, or just a few seconds. Almost instantly, you will see the target’s speed and course vector. If the target is hazardous, it will also be displayed in red, making it easier to identify and predict its course. The NXT Radar’s incredible ARPA signal processor will display and track up to 100 targets in a single sweep! The entire target theatre can be viewed, monitored, and tracked simultaneously, at any range. For an even more detailed display, target trails and Furuno’s unique True Trail feature can be utilized, allowing you to graphically see the direction in which a target is moving, independent of your own vessel’s motion.

The resolution of this Radar is impressive, with either a 2.3, 1.9 or 1.4-degree horizontal beam width on a 3.5 ft., 4 ft. and 6 ft. open array, respectively. The short range and long range target resolution on this Radar has been enhanced, so you will be able to pinpoint hazardous objects as close in as 30 feet and as far out as 72 n.m. It also sports a compact & lighter gearbox, making it easier and more cost-effective to install on almost any size boat.  

“Bird Mode” and “Rain Mode” are standard features on the DRS6A-NXT. With a single selection on the MFD, the Radar automatically adjusts settings for echo enhancement to help you locate birds or identify targets in rain. For those fishing fanatics, finding birds is an important step to zeroing-in on the bite, while being able to navigate through a storm or fog is the key to getting home safely.

Whether you’re looking to add Radar to an existing NavNet TZtouch or TZtouch2 system, or ready to build a whole new suite, Furuno’s DRS6A-NXT Solid-State Doppler Radar is a must-have for the ultimate in safety and situational awareness.

For more information on the DRS6A-NXT Radar, contact: Furuno U.S.A., 4400 N.W. Pacific Rim Blvd., Camas, WA 98607.  Phone: (360) 834-9300. www.FurunoUSA.com.