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Furuno Offers More Power With New Super-Charge Radars

High-Powered, Solid-State NXT Radars For NavNet TZtouch Series deliver the ultimate in both short- and long-range detection, sensitivity, and state-of-the-art features

Camas, WA – Furuno's line of Solid-State Doppler NXT Radars is getting a power boost with the introduction of the 100 Watt DRS12ANXT and 200 Watt DRS25ANXT for NavNet TZtouch, TZtouch2, and the all-new NavNet TZtouch3 line of multi touch MFDs. These new high-power NXT Radars are poised to deliver the ultimate in both short- and long-range detection, sensitivity, and state-of-the-art features to mariners everywhere.

Furuno's NXT series are Solid-State Radars with pulse compression and Doppler frequency shift-sensing technology. Solid-State Radar does not require a magnetron to generate a powerful pulse. This means that there are no consumable parts to replace, and performance will not degrade over time. Since there is no magnetron to warm up, startup time is almost instantaneous. The high-power output of these Radars enables them to detect and track very distant targets while remaining sensitive enough to display objects that are very close, effectively tracking targets a mere 20 feet from the vessel.

Furuno NXT Radars bring useful features such as Target Analyzer™, Bird Mode, Rain Mode and more. Furuno's Target Analyzer™ automatically changes the color of approaching targets to red, allowing you to see hazardous targets on the screen at a glance. Green echoes are stationary targets, landmasses, or targets approaching your vessel at a velocity of fewer than 3 knots. Echoes dynamically shift to red when a target approaches your vessel at a speed of 3 knots or faster, and it works the same even when you are following another vessel, working independently of your own ship's speed!

These new high-power options utilize the same 3.5', 4', or 6' antennas as the proven DRS6ANXT Radar, with an impressive 2.3, 1.9, or 1.4-degree horizontal beamwidth. By employing the NXT Radar series' exclusive RezBoost™ beam sharpening technology, performance of these new high-power models increases dramatically. With RezBoost™ set to maximum, the NXT Radar's beamwidth synthetically sharpens to the equivalent of 0.7 degrees, providing enhanced target separation that was previously only available with much larger Radar antennas.

The increase in power output takes Furuno's Power Trip to the next level, as demonstrated in their powerful Bird Mode, where the Radar automatically adjusts settings for echo enhancement to help you locate birds. Furuno fishing fanatics know that finding birds is an essential step to zeroing-in on the bite and increasing their catch. Equally impressive is the NXT Series’ Rain Mode, showing returns from precipitation in blue, so you can see the actual targets that would otherwise be masked in rain clutter.

Furuno's NXT Series Solid-State Doppler Radar is a must-have for anyone interested in safety and enhanced situational awareness on the water. For more information on the Furuno NXT Series Radar, visit their web site at www.FurunoUSA.com.