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Furuno FR1908VBB River Radar The Right Pick For Mariners Of Inland Waterways

New River Radar is an ideal primary Radar for tow vessels, tugs and barges, or as a backup for enhanced situational awareness for any commercial river vessel.

Camas, WA, July 19, 2018 - Navigating inland rivers present a unique set of challenges, and workboats on these demanding waterways require purpose-built tools to do the job safely and efficiently. Furuno Radars have filled that niche for decades with their "V" (vertical screen) Radars. Now, they are ready to set the bar even higher with the introduction of their brand-new River Radar, the FR1908VBB, packed with modern functionality and advanced features previously available only in their larger, open-water models.

The FR1908VBB is set to enter the North American river market as an ideal primary Radar for tow vessels, tugs and barges, or as a backup for enhanced situational awareness for any commercial river vessel. Engineered as a 'Black Box' Radar, the FR1908VBB allows the navigator to utilize the excellent Furuno MU190V 19" marine-grade vertical display, or an off-the-shelf vertical display of their choice. The processor outputs dual video signals in high resolution (1280 x 1024), and Furuno's legendary target detection ensures you'll see every target on the river. Six NMEA input/output ports make the Radar simple to interface with the rest of your helm, and a direct connection to a VDR or SVDR is also available. Dual SD card slots allow for the easy capture of screenshots for archival and planning purposes, and can also be used for simplified system configuration backup and restoration.

The FR1908VBB Radar's custom river modes afford an ultra-short pulse length for superior bank, buoy and vessel detection. Ten preset towing configurations and custom icons further enhance the Radar's ability to show distance measurements in inland units. Barge icons can be displayed with length and width measurements in feet, and the Radar's range rings utilize the standard river units of statute miles.

Rudder position can be displayed prominently on-screen via NMEA0183 connection, and the processor provides a simple 1-plug connection to one of Furuno's high-accuracy Satellite Compass offerings to provide a real-time rate of turn, position, course/speed and three-axis speed information for ease of towing and docking maneuvers. The Radar can be controlled from the slim-design controller, which features a touch pad, and provides for a secondary station so that the entire system can be operated from an optional RCU030 trackball controller.

The FR1908VBB is available in a 4KW open array version, and Furuno plans to offer a 12kW version later in the year. Both versions utilize Furuno's proven, commercial-grade gearbox with either a 6.5' or 8' antenna.

With its dedicated modes, new features, and Furuno's history of delivering bulletproof commercial Radars to a demanding marketplace, the specialized FR1908VBB Radar is a welcome addition to the North American river market, and the right pick to meet the advanced needs of today's river mariner.

To learn more about Furuno's new FR1908VBB River Radar, or the complete line of Furuno marine electronics, see your local Furuno dealer or contact: Furuno U.S.A., 4400 N.W. Pacific Rim Blvd., Camas, WA 98607. Phone: (360) 834-9300.