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The Sea Becomes Your Aquarium With Furuno's
New Bottom Discrimination Fish Finders

Fish Finders include Accu-Fish, Furuno's new fish size assessment function

Camas, WA, February 14, 2013 – For over 60 years, Furuno has been at the forefront of bringing acoustic innovations to the market. The result of this is Furuno winning the Best Fish Finder Award for the past 42 consecutive years, along with you finding and catching more fish! Furuno’s passion for innovation is clearly evident with their new family of Fish Finders, showcasing fresh ways to locate and identify fish, as well as seeing "inside" the seabed! All this is accomplished with their ingenious Bottom Discrimination technology, along with several other features usually only found in commercial Fish Finders!

Furuno's new Fish Finder lineup consists of three models. The FCV627 (600W 50/200kHz) offers a 5.6" color LCD, while the FCV587 (600W/1kW 50/200kHz) has a larger 8.4" screen. These Fish Finders have the same look as their predecessors, the FCV620 and FCV585, with improved screen resolution for a crisper, brighter image, plus the addition of Bottom Discrimination technology. The BBDS1 (600W/1kW 50/200kHz) is a black box network Fish Finder, similar in design to the current DFF1.

Whether fishing, diving, navigating or anchoring, knowing bottom type is a major advantage for virtually any boater. The advanced signal processing of these Fish Finders provides a graphical display of the water column and objects in the water, in addition to showing composition of the seafloor, which Furuno dubbed "Aquarium" mode. When connected to an appropriate transducer, the Bottom Discrimination feature provides a graphical display showing the characteristics of the seafloor as either mud, sand, gravel or rock. Amazingly, these Fish Finders can also show a bottom type probability curve when boating in an area with mixed bottom composition.

In addition to Bottom Discrimination, these Fish Finders feature Furuno’s Accu-Fish feature, which is a revolutionary fish size assessment function that can tell you the approximate size of the fish below your boat. Fish symbols appear on the screen, along with the size of the fish or the depth where it found the fish. It can detect fish size from 4 inches up to about 6 feet long, in depths of 7 feet to well over 300 feet of water.

AccuFish signal processing blends the high and low frequencies to depict fish targets of all types simply, clearly and distinctly. Now, fishermen can clearly and easily distinguish big billfish around a bait ball, or see through bait and trash fish on the surface to target "the big one" below.

These units also offer Furuno’s Post-Processing Gain feature that was previously only found on their larger, commercial-grade Fish Finders. Post-Processing Gain adjusts the gain throughout the entire screen, allowing you to really “dial-in” the Fish Finder’s history, and then come back to get the fish that others may have missed.

Though the talk in Fish Finding technology over the past year has been dominated by CHIRP sounders hitting the market, those products might appear too costly or may be overkill for some fishermen. With this in mind, Furuno decided to incorporate these high-end features into their every-day Fish Finders, which might be just what the doctor ordered.

Getting the latest fishing technology doesn't mean you have to break the bank. These latest offerings from Furuno bring you incredibly helpful features with Bottom Discrimination, AccuFish and Post-Processing Gain that will help you find more fish. Combine these new features with Furuno's other award-winning Fish Finder technology and you have three great options to upgrade or update your boat.