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Furuno's NavNet TZtouch Is Now The Ultimate
Touch Control For FLIR M-Series Thermal Cameras

Take control of the M-Series camera from any TZtouch MFD on the boat

Camas, WA, October 25, 2012 - Furuno’s award winning NavNet TZtouch will really open your eyes with a major advancement in thermal and optical camera control. Utilizing TZtouch’s unique multi touch control, operating a FLIR M-Series line of thermal night vision cameras just got easier than ever! Now, the majority of joystick control functions for the M-Series can be directly accessed from the TZtouch screen. This will allow you to change camera scene, switch video source (IR/Visible), and even pan and tilt the camera directly from your favorite Furuno TZtouch MFD. By incorporating “Pinch to Zoom” and “Tap to Point” functions, Furuno’s NavNet TZtouch software adds even more functionality to the camera. Just tap the screen to make the camera look in any direction, or zoom in and out on targets of interest with your fingertips.

TZtouch also adds to the camera’s tracking capabilities by automatically slaving the camera to Radar & AIS targets, an active waypoint and even enabling automatic man overboard tracking. Operators can effortlessly keep objects in view that they need to see. Integrating the M-Series Night Vision Camera with TZtouch Radar-equipped systems dramatically increases situational awareness at nighttime or poor visibility.

Furuno NavNet TZtouch MFDs can also graphically overlay the camera field of view on the plotter display, making camera pointing and interpretation simple. A boat operator immediately knows where the camera is pointed merely by looking at the MFD display. Utilizing the TZtouch Ethernet network, you can take control of the M-Series camera from any TZtouch MFD on the boat.

See for yourself how the FLIR M-Series thermal night vision camera and Furuno’s award winning NavNet TZtouch MFD complement each other in tight maneuvering situations. This is a perfect example of bringing together two great technologies to deliver you the ultimate in safety.