FR15xxMK3 series screen redraw


​Why does my FR1510MK3 intermittently redraw the target video?


There are several reasons the radar will redraw the target video.
1.  Loss of heading input - Verify that the stabilized heading input to the radar is not dropping out.  Check for loose connections.
2.  Momentary loss of position fix, or change in position fix status - When the GPS signal status changes, the radar processor reverifies the validity of the position information and will redraw the target video. The most likely cause of this occurrence is the DGPS signal is dropping in and out.   
3.  Real Time Heads Up Mode enabled - This feature will reorient the radar targets when the vessel makes a rapid course change.  
To disable the Real Time Heads Up Mode feature follow these steps:
1. Press the MENU button
2. Select option 5  
3. Select option 5 
4. Select option 0 
5. Select option 0 to select OFF
6. Press the ENTER button
7. Press the MENU button