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When you make your living on the water, you need the most reliable equipment on your vessel. That's why all Furuno electronics are made to our rugged, commercial grade specifications. You don't want to be delayed because of your electronics and we get that!

New "Chart Radar Performance Pack" Transforms Any FAR2XX7 Radar Into An Official NOAA ENC Charting & Backup ECDIS Powerhouse! 

The Furuno FAR2XX7 Radar family has proven itself as a workhorse Radar – literally tens of thousands of "X7" Radars serve on boats and in diverse applications too numerous to list. X7 systems are the standard navigation Radar of choice for the United States Coast Guard, as well as operating on many hundreds of international deep-sea commercial ships, countless sportfish boats and leisure yachts, even being utilized for specialized activities, such as monitoring flocks of birds at airports. As the saying goes, the "best gets even better," with the addition of an inexpensive upgrade package to turn your X7 Radar into something more exciting - a full Chart Radar with ECDIS chart-plotting capability, complete with official navigation charts for US waters! Furuno is pleased to offer the FAR2XX7CRO "Chart Radar Performance Pack". This optional Performance Pack can be used in any FAR2XX7 installation, old or new. [Note: Older X7 Radar installations may require software and firmware updates, see System Requirements below*].

The Performance Pack offers many new features and improvements over a standalone X7 Radar:

  • IMO Compliant (and US Coast Guard approved) as a standalone and/or inter-switched Radar.
  • Compatible with FREE official NOAA S-57 ENC charts as well as FREE updates available directly from the NOAA website. Simply download your area or region onto a USB jump drive, insert the drive into the USB port on the keyboard, and Furuno's newly developed "Auto Load" function will guide you through the loading and update processes.
  • Also compatible with Jeppesen C-Map Commercial charts, Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) and Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO).
  • Easy access to the following functions with a single mouse click:
    • Fully functional standalone Radar with an easy to use and completely new user interface
    • Fully functional ECDIS running in the background at all times, or
    • Radar with chart "underlay" (note that chart underlay places emphasis on the Radar, not the chart).
  • Three high-resolution DVI outputs and three separate controller ports on the EC3000 processor give installers the ability to add extra stations by simply adding a keyboard or a trackball controller. Note: DVI outputs are clone mode only.
  • Integration between ECDIS and Radar is seamless. All useful functions from the FMD3200 ECDIS, such as screen shots, voyage logs, routing, fast redraw and more are also available on the X7 Radar with Performance Pack. It's like having a really nice / simple Radar with optional chart underlay, a refreshed and simple user interface and a fully function ECDIS running in the background.
  • USB port on the keyboard greatly simplifies correcting and loading charts, and getting user settings and screen shots in and out of the system.
  • Separate and independent serial input and output ports make connection of sensors extremely easy.
  • USB capability and standard Linux drivers allow for remote viewing and diagnostics.
  • Linux architecture provides "future-proofing," especially important when many competitors' systems based on Windows XP are now unsupported by Microsoft.
  • Keyboard is the same size as the X7 Radar, and utilizes the same monitors, which makes accessorizing for the Performance Pack quite simple. Building your system is easy: simply select any FAR2XX7 Series Radar and add the FAR2XX7CRO Performance Pack. Install the X7 Radar as you normally would, then install and network the Performance Pack Processor with the X7 Radar. Either or both keyboards may be used to control the Radar and Chart Radar functions. (Only one Performance Pack keyboard may be used).

*System requirements: FAR2XX7 Series Radars must be operating SPU Version 3.5 and RFC Version 1.35, with Board Level 1 or later to be compatible with the Performance Pack. Radar versions prior to these must be fitted with RFC board P/N 008-555-990 (PCB 03P9346A RFC FAR2XX7) and SPU board P/N 008-555-650 (PCB 03P9337 SPU RPU013), prior to following the Performance Pack upgrade procedures.

While there are currently no carriage or fitting requirements for Chart Radars in US waters, it is vital to note the Chart Radar Performance Pack is type approved and USCG certified as a primary Radar.

Like our FMD-series ECDIS, the Performance Pack was designed BY mariners, FOR mariners, with focus groups of experienced captains providing feedback to make this product robust, easy to use and "bulletproof." Find out how much more your X7 Radar can do with the Performance Pack today!

Click Here for complete product details, accessory pricing, product literature, manuals, and other helpful information. The FAR2XX7CRO Performance Pack is in stock and available now!

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  •   Length: 170 ft.
    Beam: 38 ft.
    Owner: SEACOR Marine
    Builder: Gulf Craft
    Mission: Crew/Supply Vessel

    M/V SEACOR CHEETAH, the first CrewZer Class vessel, is a 170 foot class Catamaran capable of carrying an amazing 150 passengers. Its twin-hull design allows a top speed in excess of 40-knots—more than twice that of conventional crewboats.

      M/V SEACOR Cheetah
    Electronics Package:
    x FAR2127 Radar with ARPA
    1 x SC50 Satellite Compass
    1 x NX700 Navtex
    2 x NavNet vx2 7" Displays
    1 x BBFF1 NavNet Network Sounder
    x RC1815 GMDSS Console
    x FS1503 SSB