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Furuno Product Rebates

Maybe we’ve gone a little overboard... after lowering our prices for the new year, we’re now bringing you extra incentives just in time for the spring refitting season! Get a $500 rebate on NavNet TZtouch2 (TZTL12F & TZTL15F) and a $300 rebate on NavNet TZtouch (TZT14, TZT9 & TZTBB). Score $500 on touch-screen monitors and $200 on TZtouch sensors, including Radars and Fish Finders. We’ve also made it super-simple to qualify for these “BIG” savings, with no minimum quantities or dollar values to hit, no bundles to buy, and no convoluted rebate formulas to figure out. The more you buy, the more you save. That’s math anyone can understand... except for our accountant!

  • TZTL12F, TZTL15F = $500 each! 
  • MU170T, MU190T, MU240T = $500 each! 
  • TZT9, TZT14, TZTBB = $300 each! 
  • DRS4D-NXT, DRS4DL, DRS6AX = $200 each! 
  • DFF1-UHD = $200 each!